Dredging and Dumping Monitoring System

Dredging and Dumping Monitoring System

Dredging and Dumping Monitoring System is used to monitor the movement of Spoils Dumping vessels and detect any illegal dumping within the area covered by National AIS Network.

Automatic, Autonomous and Continuous transmission technology between relevant working vessels (Ship to Ship), working vessel (eg. dumping hopper barge) to Shore-Base Station (Ship to Shore) and to other ships equipped with AIS transponder as well.

This system has the capability to broadcast continuously and at real-time, own ship's ID (Ship's name, MMSI), own position by built-in GPS, speed, COG, etc to Base Station and other ships equipped with AIS Transponder via common VHF Radio channel approved as the international standard communication for AIS by IMO and ITU. Therefore, no communication charges such as communication link by GSM telephone nor application for utilizing VHF radio channel is required.

Only 1 Box (AIS transponder) for each working vessel. AIS transponder starts to operate automatically by just switching on power (User-friendly). No skill to operate Ship-born AIS on the working vessel is required.


Figure 1: DMS System Overview



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22 February 2018