MOTUS Tideland SB-138P

Introducing the MOTUS Wave Buoys - Powered by the NEW Aanderaa MOTUS Directional Wave Sensor

The Aanderaa MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729 is a directional wave sensor module for use on surface buoys. The MOTUS Wave Sensor is an integrated part of Tideland SB 138P MOTUS Buoy and YSI EMM 2.0 MOTUS Buoy. It is intended for commercial as well as research use.

The sensor processes wave data and are configurable to present Spectrum derived parameters, Time Series derived parameters, Directional Wave Spectrum and Heave Time Series.

MOTUS Wave Buoy Platform Capabilities:


Measure Wave Direction with market leading accuracy

  • Measure accurate wave characteristics with the flexibility of a Met Ocean (ODAS) buoy
  • High sampling rate and mechanical dampening, ensuring low noise

  • Compensate for buoy wave response, off-center placement of sensor and payloads by configurable settings

  • Distinguish direction of swells and wind driven waves

Get more from one system

  • Current profile with intelligent compensation for movement
  • Full suite of water quality parameters with anti-fouling

  • Wide range of meteorology and 3rd party sensors

  • Extendable with Navigational Aids and AIS

Maximize up time

  • Real-time data management and display system with GeoView
  • Get the support you need with Xylem product experts in your region

  • On-board processing of wave parameters resulting in lower demands for bandwidth and power

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