Remote Monitoring System for Aids to Navigation

Remote Monitoring System for Aids to Navigation


AIS AtoN is a special type of AIS transceiver fixed to any navigational aid (e.g. buoy or lighthouse).  An AIS AtoN provides real-time status and positive identification of the AtoN to surrounding vessels and shore stations.
Our solution can automatically acquires battery voltage, lantern current, and lantern on/off data, and sends it as an addressed binary Message 6 to the AIS management centre. It has been developed to provide reliable information feeds into AIS systems and networks, this technology is designed to operate in remote fixed locations such as buoys and shipping hazards.


  • No message costs
  • No "sole supplier" problems
  • No special shore infrastructure needed if AIS base station exists or is planned
  • Data available at any point in the AIS base station network


 Typical AIS ATON block diagram


Malaysia Marine Department


22 February 2018


Aids to Navigation