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Versper Marine

Vesper MarineVesper Marine manufactures innovative marine safety products which ultilize the Automatic Identification System (AIS). The AISWatchMate family of collision warning devices are sophisticated instruments. They are very easy to use and consume minimal power yet are the most advanced warning system available.

Sailing and power enthusiasts find the AISWatchMate and AISWatchMate RX to be the easiest to use AIS display. Far simpler to operate than a chart plotter, computer or radar; yet much more capable. Unique filtering eliminates false alarms. Prioritization of targets eliminates clutter on the screen allowing you to focus on the highest risk targets.

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partners_resinexSince 1961 Resinex has been producing light buoys for maritime signalling as well as offering a wide range of products adapted to meet a variety of uses with specific expertness of floatability, mooring and signalling which allows versatility of employment in order to satisfy every type of application. Unsinkable and resistant to chemical agents, the buoys have an external part of linear polyethylene filled with elastomer polyurethane. They can also be made in special galvanized steel, always filled with elastomer polyurethane and treated with anti-rust epoxy paint or in stainless steel.

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partners_aadiAanderaa Data Instruments AS (AADI), headquartered in Bergen, Norway, designs, manufactures and sells sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments.   AADI main market areas are Marine Transportation, Oil and Gas, Aquaculture, Environmental Research, Road and Traffic and Construction.

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Pharos Marine Automatic Power

Pharos Marine Automatic Power

Automatic Power Inc

Originating in 1947 as The Lighthouse, Inc., API provided aids to navigation for the first oil rigs of the coast of Texas. By 1966, the company had expanded to five separate entities throughout the world, and in that year merged with Wallace & Tiernan. A subsequent merger of Wallace & Tiernan and Penn Salt Company formed the Pennwalt Corporation, making Automatic Power a division of the larger group. In 1989, API merged with Pharos Marine, making the combined group a world leader in the field. Today Automatic Power/Pharos Marine is a Portfolio Company of Toxaway Capital Partners and has strategic locations throughout the U.S. and overseas, as well as a worldwide network of agents and distributors.

Pharos Marine 

Named after the famous lighthouse that stood on the Isle of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt, Pharos Marine began making aids to navigation more than 100 years ago. The company’s founder, Gustav Dalen, had a distinguished career, winning a Nobel Prize when he introduced a system of acetylene gas lights capable of operating for a year without service. Pharos Marine has provided products for some of the most famous navigation projects around the world, including the first buoys for the Panama Canal. Now partnered with Automatic Power, Pharos Marine operates worldwide from offices in London, Stockholm and Singapore.

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Southern Avionics Company

Southern Avionics CompanySouthern Avionics leads the industry by producing numberous stationary, transportable and portable NDBs, designed to satisfy diverse site and operational requirements. Constructed to provide years of continuous, unattended operation in extreme offshore conditions, Southern Avionics NDBs are also at home in the remote and harsh environments of deserts, equatorial jungles, and polar regions. Thousands of Southern Avionics NDBs are currently in service in these remote areas, as well as, Civil Aviation Airports throughout the world.

All Southern Avionics' new product development is achieved in-house and is facilitated by the latest in computer hardware and software innovations.

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Kongsberg Seatex

Kongsberg Seatex

Global source for marine and offshore electronics Kongsberg Seatex is a marine electronics manufacturer with products for precision positioning and motion sensing. Our commitment is to provide quality products and solutions for safe navigation and operations at sea. We provide innovative and reliable precision positioning and motion sensing systems. As part of Kongsberg Maritime we can provide complete ship and offshore systems.

Product areas Kongsberg Seatex provides the following range of products: 

  • Attitude Determination Systems
    • Motion Reference Units
    • Helideck Monitoring Systems
    • High-end solutions for precision positioning
  • Surface Positioning Reference Systems
    • Relative positioning
    • Absolute positioning High end GPS/Glonass solutions
  • Automatic Identification Systems
    • AIS - Infrastructure for coastal surveillance
    • AIS - Mobile Stations for onboard use
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
    • Project oriented development of today’s and future navigation systems

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Saab Maritime Traffic Management

Saab TransponderTech AB

Saab's Maritime Traffic Management department provides a broad range of solutions to enhance the safety, security, efficiency and environmental protection on waterways and at sea.

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