ATONISATONIS Pro is the first and only next generation AIS Aton Transponder available on the market today. It surpasses the competition in state-of-the-art performance, functionality, and capabilities.

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With Atonis Pro, the aton authority is now able to inexpensively bring their atons into the realm of e-Navigation to provide greater service to the mariner. And while enhancing safety of navigation, Atonis Pro is an effective way to monitor aton status, report position and even make notification of ship collisions with a buoy or fixed structure.

ATONIS is compliant with IALA Recommendation A-126; On The Use of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) in the Marine Aids to Navigation Services and is an essential component for any authority implementing aids to navigation in their eNavigation program.

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ATONIS Pro is available in Type 1, 2, or 3 models and has the capability to transmit all standard AIS AtoN, Weather and Hydrological messages, as well as monitor and control the AtoN equipment installed on buoys and offshore platforms.

ATONIS Pro is also software configurable to permit the automatic activation of lights or signals when vessels come within range, transmit a safety–related Message 14 when a vessel comes within a pre-set range to a hazard, transmit Message 21 for synthetic or virtual AtoNs, or store a record of ships that come within a pre-set range for later downloading to a shore station. Special applications, such as transmitting channel management command Message 22 in areas using regional AIS channels, or storing ship activity in areas not covered by a shore-based AIS infrastructure and reporting this data via long-range SATCOM, are also possible as optional features.

ATONIS Pro consists of a modular Base Board responsible for all scheduling, status checks, generation of messages, data storage and for controlling the modular subsystem boards and components connected to it. Subsystem boards and components that can be connected to the Base Board are the AIS Transmitter board, AIS Receiver board(s), GSM/GPRS Radio component, and an Inmarsat D+ component, depending on the particular application, as well as Met/Hydro sensors.

ATONIS Pro, when equipped with Automatic Power’s proprietary ACC-1 controller, provides the AtoN authority with a very versatile unit by providing (4) digital I/O interfaces, (4) analog interfaces and RS-232/485 interfaces permitting extensive monitoring and control of AtoN equipment.

ATONIS Pro configuration is accomplished via RS-232 or an optional Bluetooth™ connection for in-field servicing without having to go aboard or lift a buoy to access the transponder.