products_r5_solidThe SAAB R5 SOLID AIS is our fifth generation transponder system, building on the success of the R4 AIS system, in operation on some 20,000 ships world-wide.

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The R5 system features cutting edge digital radio technology, resulting from over fi ve years of research on software defined radios. Sharing radio technology with military grade systems, the R5 technology is a big leap forward into the future of AIS radios.

The highly versatile R5 platform will continue to evolve as new requirements are introduced, and will stay at the forefront of AIS technology for many years to come. The SOLID technology provides the user with a fl exible,future proof product. It has compact design and is easy to install and operate and has a variety of interfaces for connection to other systems.

• Quick installation with single box solution
• Designed for 12–24 VDC power input
• Weather protected design
• Intuitive graphical user interface
• Integrated Pilot plug
• Colour display
• Support for USB peripherals

• RS-232 and RS-422 interfaces
• Light sensor for automatic dimming
• Integrated illuminated keypad
• SART alarm
• SART test support
• SRM and Binary Text messaging
• Quick SW upgrade from
USB memory

• VHF communication test function
• Designed for ITU-R M.1371-5
• Gimbal or flush mounting
• Inland AIS Mode
• Inland ETA/RTA and Water levels
• New Inland Quick Convoy size setting
• External Blue Sign/Silent Switch