Saab R4 Portable

Saab R4 Portable Solution

This solution has been defined for customers who want to be able to move their AIS (or Secure AIS) between different platforms or even use it on shore. The transponder box connects either to the R4 Control and Display unit or to a separate rugged PC for control and display.

Flexible use on different boats or on shore

Extremely quick and easy installation and configuration. Integrates to various display systems by cable or wireless. 

Internal power solution

Battery for up to 10 hours of operation can be provided 

Saab SeaWatch display system (Optional)

Rugged laptop with the SeaWatch display software gives full control of the R4 AIS or (Secure AIS) as well as Search and Rescue functions 

 Hardware Features:

  • Pelican Case 380x265x165mm
  • Design according to IEC 60945 ed. 4 (Portable)
  • Cable interface for MKD/PC or Wireless communication via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Available interfaces from outside; ECDIS, Display and Pilot ports
  • Built-in GPS-antennaBNC/TNC interface for external VHF-antenna and if required GPS-antenna
  • Optional; IALA beacon receiver for reception of DGPS corrections and SBAS (e.g. WAAS and EGNOS) differential correctionsInternal battery incl. charger for system back-up 8-10h
  • Power input; AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz or 12-24V DC
  • Power output; 24V DC for external use e.g. MKD
  • Total weight; 13-15kg (depending on configuration) 

ECS Software Features:

  • Windows PC application SW
  • Moving map presentation system (North up/heading up)Optimised for Touch Screen operation
  • Full support for maritime charts (S-57, S-63)
  • Embedded support for Search and Rescue patterns by definition of waypointsVessel tracking
  • Interrogation of vessels
  • Message handling (Send and receive safety related messages and free text)
  • Record and replay (for later analysis)
  • Secure AIS support
  • Full system configuration of R4 Transponder(No need of other configuration tools)
R4 Portable