Shipborne Navigational Systems

Shipborne Navigational Systems

GF also provides advanced navigation solutions. Our marine GPS and DPGS products are used by the most demanding customers worldwide.




R4 GPS and DGPS Navigation System


Any transponder system needs navigation input. Saab's R4 GPS and DGPS Navigation System is type-approved for SOLAS and any other precision navigation application. 

Navigation Integrity

Includes RAIM and support for DGPS corrections from an external receiver, from an internal beacon receiver (R4 DGPS) or from satellite differential services, e.g. WAAS or EGNOS

Reliability and Availability

The products are designed to meet the highest availability requirements. Dual, redundant configuration is supported, as well as combination with our R4 AIS. 

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Saab R5 SUPREME - Networked AIS for SOLAS and Advanced Applications

The SAAB R5 SUPREME AIS system is designed for SOLAS vessels and advanced applications such as Secure and Warship AIS.

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products_r5_solidThe SAAB R5 SOLID AIS is our fifth generation transponder system, building on the success of the R4 AIS system, in operation on some 20,000 ships world-wide.

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Saab R4 Portable - AIS Transponder System

Saab R4 Portable Solution

This solution has been defined for customers who want to be able to move their AIS (or Secure AIS) between different platforms or even use it on shore. The transponder box connects either to the R4 Control and Display unit or to a separate rugged PC for control and display.

Flexible use on different boats or on shore

Extremely quick and easy installation and configuration. Integrates to various display systems by cable or wireless. 

Internal power solution

Battery for up to 10 hours of operation can be provided 

Saab SeaWatch display system (Optional)

Rugged laptop with the SeaWatch display software gives full control of the R4 AIS or (Secure AIS) as well as Search and Rescue functions 

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