Navigational aids

Elastic Beacons

products_elasticThe elastic beacon is a semi-rigid structure with a metallic pole of variable length, fixed to the bottom by a concrete weight. The pole is kept vertical by a very big submerged float which can have various shapes, according to the different sea conditions. A tower is only visible above water level which can be equipped with a platform and whose height above sea-level gives it excellent day-time visibility even at great distances. These characteristics make it an ideal support to mount lights, radar equipment, acoustic signalling instruments, systems for the monitoring and checking of the water. Power is supplied by solar panels or aeolic generators.

Elastic Beacons Catalog [ pdf ]

Light Buoys

products_light_buoyAccording to the size of the float and the system of mooring, the Resinex buoy can be used both in sheltered bays or in the open sea with water depths which go from a few metres to thousand of metres in all sea conditions and currents. Besides giving advice to clients as to the most appropriate choice among the widest product range in the world,the Resinex technical department is able to research products ad hoc, projecting and creating answers to specific needs in the most extreme marine weather conditions.

Light Buoys Catalog [ pdf ]