Marine Buoys

Marine Buoys

Our marine buoy are designed to offer low-maintenance, high visibility solution to marine navigation. 






  • Navigational aids

    From the classic light buoy to the up-to-date elastic beacons together with all the combinations of lanterns, racons and fog signals.




  • Offshore


    In the offshore oil market, we offers the widest range of support and mooring buoys together with various types of floats for hoses, cables and risers.




  • Dredging

    products_dredgingPlastic, economical, easy to use floats for dredging hoses.





  • Port, Marinas, & Mooring System

    products_portThe range for the port, marina and mooring market: from foam filled fenders to all the signalling equipment, together with the complete range of mooring buoys.





  • Anti Pollution

    products_antiContainment booms of every type and demension for oil spill and anti-intrusion barriers. Together with complete monitoring floating systems for anti-pollution, anti-tsunami and meteo-marine conditions.