CoastWatch VTMIS

CoastWatch VTMISThe CoastWatch family of system solutions can be tailored to suit a small harbour application with just AIS information, be a fully compliant, large scale IALA VTMIS or an extensive Coastal Surveillance System.

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Additional Maritime Security sensors, e.g. Under Water sensors, can be added.

Saab can proudly present the CoastWatch VTMIS as an entirely in-house development. In order to achieve the world’s best VTMIS solution, we have used the best of our 40-year long tradition in developing and integrating Command and Control systems including large scale maritime projects, advanced sensor integration and data fusion and also our 15-year development history in AIS and AIS networks.

Our solution provides the following key advantages:

    * Extensive VTS Work Flow Support
    * Highly versatile and efficient Graphical User Interface
    * Integrated Management Information functions
    * Efficient integration of all types of sensors; new or existing
    * Scalable and extendable design
    * Extensive configuration capabilities

The CoastWatch VTMIS system by Saab has been developed to fully support the requirements as specified in the IALA VTS Manual and the IALA Recommendation V-128. It includes a variety of different sensors and sub-systems, such as radars, AIS, Presentation System, Vessel Database etc. Functions and sub-systems in the Saab VTMIS are easily tailored to fit the customer’s individual requirements.
In designing the CoastWatch VTMIS, the main objective is to contribute to the safety and efficiency of the maritime operation. This forced us to apply the absolutely best solutions for all parts of the system; from sensor selection and sensor fusion to presentation systems and operator support functions, using the latest available technologies to offer the customer a flexible and future proof system.