Products and Services

Products and Services


  • Traffic Management Solutions

    The complex maritime environment demands solutions with the ability to control and optimize the flow of vessels and goods more effectively.

    GF can provide traffic management systems, secure AIS (Automatic Identification Systems), AIS base stations and network infrastructure solutions as well as presentation systems and client solutions.



  • Coastal Surveillance Solutions

    A coastal area can be subject to a great number of threats such as illegal immigration, smuggling, illegal fishing, oil spills, and in some parts of the world, piracy.

    GF offers solutions that provide you with the ability to monitor the coastal area, and to collect and distribute the information obtained. Our coastal security solutions include naval and ground-based surveillance radars, AIS, communication solutions, GMDSS, Vessel Traffic Service (VTS), system integration services and presentation systems.

  • LED Marine Lantern

    Our lanterns offer the AtoN authority a LED lantern with the highest Lumen Maintenance value available in the market today. Lumen Maintenance (L) is an important factor to consider in using LED lanterns because unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs do not burn out--rather, they lose their lumen output over time. 



  • Shipborne Navigational Systems

    GF also provides advanced navigation solutions. Our marine GPS and DPGS products are used by the most demanding customers worldwide.




  • Marine Buoys

    Our marine buoy are designed to offer low-maintenance, high visibility solution to marine navigation. 





    • Navigational aids

      From the classic light buoy to the up-to-date elastic beacons together with all the combinations of lanterns, racons and fog signals.




    • Offshore


      In the offshore oil market, we offers the widest range of support and mooring buoys together with various types of floats for hoses, cables and risers.




    • Dredging

      products_dredgingPlastic, economical, easy to use floats for dredging hoses.





    • Port, Marinas, & Mooring System

      products_portThe range for the port, marina and mooring market: from foam filled fenders to all the signalling equipment, together with the complete range of mooring buoys.





    • Anti Pollution

      products_antiContainment booms of every type and demension for oil spill and anti-intrusion barriers. Together with complete monitoring floating systems for anti-pollution, anti-tsunami and meteo-marine conditions.

  • Industrial Alternative Energy