Underwater Pipeline and Cable Surveillance and Protection

Our solution is the reliable vessel movement monitoring and recording system for submarine cable protection.

Reduce fault rates, improve network availability
Identify the vessels operating over your cable systems enabling targeted distribution of cable awareness information.

Recover marine repair costs
Auditable cable awareness information distribution and accurate vessel identity, position, speed, and course records puts claims on a strong footing.

Reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair
Reveal the precise position of interaction between a vessel and the cable to localise hard-to-find DC faults

Enhance cable route studies
Identify fishing grounds, uncharted anchorages and other hazards when planning new cable systems.

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Solution Highlights:

  • Automated monitoring of pipeline and cable routes using vessel's AIS position reports
  • User defined alarms for different conditions
  • Fast and simple zone creation using geographical coordinates of pipelines or cables
  • Sending safety messages to AIS equipped vessel
  • Sending email and SMS alerts to any authorities
  • Receiving messages from AIS equipped vessel
  • Unlimited movement history of vessels Accident investigation support (the unlimited history replay function)
  • Creating sophisticated reports about movement of AIS equipped vessels around pipelines and cables Support of S57 and BSB nautical charts, Open Street, Virtual Earth and Google maps.