Secure AIS

Secure AISThe AIS broadcasting standard is excellent for information sharing between commercial ships at sea and between ships and shore stations. This open information sharing is however not suitable for users like Navy, Coast Guard, Police, etc., who have a need to exchange secure information between their own assets and still be able to receive the open AIS information.

Saab TransponderTech has developed the Secure AIS solution, which satisfies these requirements. The Secure AIS functionality has been developed concurrently for the R4S Secure Shipborne AIS transponder, the R4AS Secure Airborne AIS transponder, the Saab R40S Secure Base Station, the Saab AIS network infrastructure and presentation systems, in order to create a complete solution. Upgrade options are available for existing, qualified users of Saab TransponderTech AIS products and systems.

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Crypto solutions 

Saab TransponderTech Secure AIS products will be supplied with a built-in crypto function with unique crypto keys for each organization. Other schemes for crypto key handling and encryption algorithms, as well as external crypto solutions, can be implemented as an option.

Qualified users 

The Secure AIS solution products and upgrades will be strictly controlled and will only be licensed to organizations that can be approved by the relevant authorities in their country. A crypto key scheme is used that ensures that the Secure AIS functionality is only available in those transponder units that have a valid license for the Secure AIS functionality.

Secure Link 

The user defines one or several radio channels, here called Secure Link, for exchange of encrypted messages between participating units within the organization. The Secure Link is a VHF frequency, tunable by the AIS transponder and under control of the user. Government approval may be required for the selected frequency. 

The Secure AIS concept is an add-on solution which will work with existing Saab AIS equipment. The Secure AIS concept provides a service throughout the AIS infrastructure, enabling secure transmissions from Control Centre operator to ships, ship to aircrafts, etc.


Special versions of the R4 AIS, including Warship AIS (WAIS) functions, can be offered to navy customers.

Secure AIS Data Exchange

Figure 1: Secure AIS Data Exchange