MetHydro information via AIS


We offers real-time Met/Hydro systems for docks, ports, harbour and fairway, marine terminals and offshore, as part of our standard system deliveries. We are the system integrator of the systems and components used to measure wind, pressure, visibility, sea and air temperature, sea currents, waves and tides. Data from systems can be collected and distributed at customer’s own preference. 

Knowledge of current speed and direction in real-time at multiple depths will increase navigation safety and guide vessels to the correct entrance based on size, cargo and displacement. This is especially valuable when performing difficult maneuvering and in narrow areas. 

Our AIS MetHydro solution has been designed around a standard AtoN device developed for the marine industry by Automatic Power Inc. This Transponder unit is a fully automated system, once it has been installed and turned on, no maintenance is required to keep it operational. The AIS AtoN unit is fully compliant with the IMO specifications.

The purpose of integrating AIS and MetHydro data :

  • Provide real time MetHydro information on existing AIS system for ships sailing along the coast on IALA, IMO and IEC standards.
  • Ships have to have up to date AIS display system on board in order to see data
  • A safe and operational system for Governments and Maritime authorities.