Hydrographic Information System

HydrographyYour marine organization is in a very competitive environment. The projects you are asked to complete are complex. Time is a factor you deal with on a daily basis. The ability to collect data, analyze it and obtain relevant information in a fast and efficient manner is crucial to your organization's success. Our solution suite of hydrographic software has been built with all of these factors in mind. We understand the complexity of the marine world and the challenges involved in turning data into information.

Our solution ofer a complete range of software tools for a wide variety of marine industries including:

  • Navigation
  • Hydrography
  • Cartography
  • Port Management
  • Oceanography
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Marine Engineering
  • Vessel Traffic Systems

Data Collection and Processing

Multibeam, Singlebeam, SideScan or Backscatter. Scanned Charts of sheets, OCR, Field surveys, exchange formats, satellite remote sensing, raster or vector data support.

  • Process and edit soundings, line and other data types
  • Sounding selection based on depth and spacing
  • Automatic contouring, with auto-labelling and user defined intervals
  • Colour banding of sounding, based on depth ranges
  • Digitize point and line information that is not already in digital format, such as shore lines, fixed points, land features, and bottom samples
  • Check, edit, merge and plot individual files
  • Convert coordinates to desired projections
  • Generate field sheets, track plots, profiles, 3-D terrain model plots, and feature plots such as wrecks, obstructions bottom samples etc.

Data Management and Analysis

Open ended data structure designed to allow seamless coverage, unlimited layers and intelligence to be built into the database.

  • Sounding suppression, validation and archiving
  • Analysis of survey data including automatic comparison with former surveys
  • Interactive digitizing using raster data
  • Source, reliability and accuracy labeling of datasets
  • Geo-coding of features, attributes, and realtionships conforming with IHO standards
  • Geographic referencing in any desired projection or geographic coordinates 
  • Creation and storage of areas delineated by contours, coastlines, shipping corridors, etc.. with complete topology
  • Format conversion for data exchange, including IHO data format
  • Interactive database management system with strict control over database updates.
  • Security for the right to perform various operations, including accessing or modifing data
  • Automatically detect charts which have been affected by new surveys
  • Automatically update sounding summary layers when a new survey is installed
  • Maintains a high level audit trail
  • Produce graphics representations of audit trail, for use in analyzing the spatial distribution of database operations
  • Allow large areas of the database to be held in other storage areas

Data Product Creation, Updating, and Distribution

  • Cost effective worldwide distribution of marine information via Internet or Intranet
  • IHO/S57 Edition 3.0 (ENC)
  • Digest DNC/Vmap
  • Digital Paper charts
  • Raster charts