Our Specialities

Our Specialities

Greenfinder has over the years gathered the strength of local experienced personnel whom had acquired their expertise from foreign strategic business partners through technology transfer and field experience to finally crystallize a credible and capable team to undertake bigger future challenges.



Ship to Ship Transfer Monitoring

Transferring dry or liquid bulk from ship to ship is a highly technical and challenging operation that requires not only specialised skills and equipment, but also rapid mobilisation capability and in-depth experience in dealing with contingency situations.

Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS)

Vessel Monitoring SystemOur Vessel Tracking & Monitoring System (VMS) is a proven platform used by many shipowners and fleet managers to track and monitor their vessels. The platform also allows the integration with telemetry subsystem such as fuel monitoring etc.

Vessel positions are fully displayed on a world map with information such as vessel identification, position, speed, course and time stamped. Users are able to access the View Point portal from anywhere in the world so long there is an internet connection using their user name and password.

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Nationwide Automatic Identification System

AISPositional information of vessels is particularly crucial for collision avoidance. Conventionally, such task was implemented using radar system. Advancement of technologies particularly GPS and wireless and increase in waterway safety requirements respectively have made possible and demanded a more effective and efficient solutions. AIS leverages on these new technologies to serve the purpose

The core function of the system is to identify, obtain positional and navigational related information of all the surrounding vessels. 

Conventional radar is only capable to detect nearby vessels but is not able to identify them in order to communicate with them thru other means such as radio. Radar system is also less reliable during extreme weather and interferences. 

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Underwater Pipeline and Cable Surveillance and Protection

Our solution is the reliable vessel movement monitoring and recording system for submarine cable protection.

Reduce fault rates, improve network availability
Identify the vessels operating over your cable systems enabling targeted distribution of cable awareness information.

Recover marine repair costs
Auditable cable awareness information distribution and accurate vessel identity, position, speed, and course records puts claims on a strong footing.

Reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair
Reveal the precise position of interaction between a vessel and the cable to localise hard-to-find DC faults

Enhance cable route studies
Identify fishing grounds, uncharted anchorages and other hazards when planning new cable systems.

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DGNSS reference and integrity monitoring stations


Our solution is a DGNSS reference station designed for permanent installation as a stand-alone system or as part of regional GNSS infrastructure systems. The electronic components are built into a 19-inch rack module. The software offers full remote control and overview over configuration and status parameters. Multiple output of Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services - RTCM corrections is supported.

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MetHydro information via AIS


We offers real-time Met/Hydro systems for docks, ports, harbour and fairway, marine terminals and offshore, as part of our standard system deliveries. We are the system integrator of the systems and components used to measure wind, pressure, visibility, sea and air temperature, sea currents, waves and tides. Data from systems can be collected and distributed at customer’s own preference. 

Knowledge of current speed and direction in real-time at multiple depths will increase navigation safety and guide vessels to the correct entrance based on size, cargo and displacement. This is especially valuable when performing difficult maneuvering and in narrow areas. 

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Secure AIS

Secure AISThe AIS broadcasting standard is excellent for information sharing between commercial ships at sea and between ships and shore stations. This open information sharing is however not suitable for users like Navy, Coast Guard, Police, etc., who have a need to exchange secure information between their own assets and still be able to receive the open AIS information.

Saab TransponderTech has developed the Secure AIS solution, which satisfies these requirements. The Secure AIS functionality has been developed concurrently for the R4S Secure Shipborne AIS transponder, the R4AS Secure Airborne AIS transponder, the Saab R40S Secure Base Station, the Saab AIS network infrastructure and presentation systems, in order to create a complete solution. Upgrade options are available for existing, qualified users of Saab TransponderTech AIS products and systems.

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Dredging & Dumping Monitoring System

Dredging Monitoring SystemDredging and Dumping Monitoring System is used to monitor the movement of Spoils Dumping vessels and detect any illegal dumping within the area covered by National AIS Network.

Automatic, Autonomous and Continuous transmission technology between relevant working vessels (Ship to Ship), working vessel (eg. dumping hopper barge) to Shore-Base Station (Ship to Shore) and to other ships equipped with AIS transponder as well.

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Remote Monitoring System for Aids to Navigation


AIS AtoN is a special type of AIS transceiver fixed to any navigational aid (e.g. buoy or lighthouse).  An AIS AtoN provides real-time status and positive identification of the AtoN to surrounding vessels and shore stations.
Our solution can automatically acquires battery voltage, lantern current, and lantern on/off data, and sends it as an addressed binary Message 6 to the AIS management centre. It has been developed to provide reliable information feeds into AIS systems and networks, this technology is designed to operate in remote fixed locations such as buoys and shipping hazards.

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Hydrographic Information System

HydrographyYour marine organization is in a very competitive environment. The projects you are asked to complete are complex. Time is a factor you deal with on a daily basis. The ability to collect data, analyze it and obtain relevant information in a fast and efficient manner is crucial to your organization's success. Our solution suite of hydrographic software has been built with all of these factors in mind. We understand the complexity of the marine world and the challenges involved in turning data into information.

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