Our Specialities

Greenfinder has over the years gathered the strength of local experienced personnel whom had acquired their expertise from foreign strategic business partners through technology transfer and field experience to finally crystallize a credible and capable team to undertake bigger future challenges.

MetHydro via AIS

We offers real-time Met/Hydro systems for docks, ports, harbour and fairway, marine terminals and offshore, as part of our standard system deliveries.

CoastWatch VTMIS

The CoastWatch family of system solutions can be tailored to suit a small harbour application with just AIS information, be a fully compliant, large scale IALA VTMIS or an extensive Coastal Surveillance System.


The basic concept of a DGNSS broadcast site is to collect GPS signal data at known Reference Station location, calculate the errors on those signals based upon known site information, and broadcast those errors (in the form of corrections) to ships fitted with Differential GPS receiver.


Dredging and Dumping Monitoring System is used to monitor the movement of Spoils Dumping vessels and detect any illegal dumping within the area covered by National AIS Network.

Remote Monitoring System 

Our solution can automatically acquires battery voltage, lantern current, and lantern on/off data, and sends it as an addressed binary Message 6 to the AIS management centre.

Nationwide AIS

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) was conceived as a means of communicating position and identity of ships to shore and to other vessels.

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